When It Comes To Security, Communication Is Everything

The alarm systems installed by most home security companies are still relying on land lines as their primary means of communication. While it works well, there are much better and more secure technologies available today and for minimal cost.

Land Lines

Land lines, while they work well and are extremely reliable, have their drawbacks. First and foremost, land lines have been used by home security systems for decades. This means that by now every home intruder knows to cut the line on the outside of the home prior to attempting a break in. Once the line has been cut, the alarm has no means of communicating out to a central station and your home alarm just becomes a local noise maker at this point. If there just happens to be a cop nearby, you might be in luck. Otherwise, prepare to cut your losses.

Throw this in with the fact that it takes time for the dialer to dial the call and for the phone receiver at the central station to answer, then time to transmit the alarm report. All of this in a time where seconds count.

On top of this, land lines are slowly being phased out of homes in favor of cellular and high speed internet technology. Yet there are still security companies using old telephone technology as their primary means of communication? Get real! Get with the times!

Step Into The Modern Age

You have a high speed internet connection? Have acceptable cellular signal available in your area? It’s a win win! Quantum FSD favors only the latest technology as our primary means of communication. Our state-of-the-art Bosch intrusion systems use your high speed internet connection as our primary means of communication while using cellular as a fall back. While an internet connection can be compromised from the outside just like a phone line, IP communications are still something relatively new to alarm systems so not every intruder would know to cut the outside cable connection. If, however, they manage to succeed in taking out your home network by either compromising the outside cable and/or the power to the house, the alarm and cellular radio are kept alive by a back up battery and I have yet to see anyone cut a cellular radio wave. The central station will still get the message that a break in has occured, and you along with the authorities will be notified.

On top of this, our systems can also be configured to send you an email or a text message notifying you of an alarm condition. Unlike a phone connection, the message goes through near instantaneous, and this is important during a time where seconds count.

As if this isn’t enough…our systems can be interfaced with up to 4 IP cameras that you can pull up right on your smart phone! In the event that you are notified of an alarm condition, you can pull up your cameras on your phone and see what’s happening in your home to confirm a burglary prior to contacting authorities! This saves you of the unnecessary expense of a false alarm response from your city.

Your Home Will Never Be More Secure

On top of this modern technology, we use Avant Guard, the most reliable central monitoring station in the industry! Upon accidentally setting off our office Bosch alarm on one occasion, Avant Guard wasted no time contacting us within 10 seconds! Now that’s fast! All of this and it’s affordable!

Contact Quantum FSD at 1-844-776-7826 and make your home more secure today!

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