Get A Positive ID With Our High Definition IP Cameras

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Evidence…the very thing required to place criminals behind bars. In our free nation, criminals are innocent until proven guilty and are entitled due process of law, whereby the prosecuting authority must present the case and all supporting evidence to a jury of peers, in which the defence can cross examine the evidence, submit counter-evidence and propose counter-arguments against the prosecution’s evidence. The jury then decides whether the defence is innocent or guilty by preponderance of the presented evidence.

If you want to press charges that stick against a criminal and guarantee either a guilty plea or verdict, you must have non-disputable evidence against them. No evidence, no guilty plea or verdict, and the criminal walks…only to either retaliate against you and/or to make someone else their victim. What better way to protect yourself and obtain needed slam dunk evidence than with a high quality high definition surveillance camera system?

Cameras don’t lie. They will provide you with the evidence needed to ensure a conviction every time.

Not All Cameras Are Created Equal

There are analogue camera systems as well as IP camera systems. The type of system you choose can make all the difference in getting a positive ID on a suspect. An analogue camera system uses standard composite video. The video appears to be clear, but when compared to the video quality of a high definition IP camera system, you’ll find that there’s just simply no substitute for a quality IP camera system.

Analogue cameras transmit their video signal over standard coax cable whereas IP cameras transmit their video over a network using Cat6 network cable. With an analogue camera system, you have a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that records the received video from the cameras. With an IP camera system, you have an NVR (Network Video Recorder) that records the received video from the cameras.

If you want the best possible video quality and the greatest chance of a positive ID on the suspect, you simply cannot go wrong with an IP-based camera system. There simply is no substitute. Don’t believe me? Watch this YouTube video and see the difference for yourself!

Workplace Accountability

High definition IP cameras also bring accountability to the workplace. See what your employees are up to from anywhere at any time!

View Your Cameras From Anywhere

With our high definition IP camera systems and Genetec’s Security Center software, and Genetec’s Security Center Mobile app, you can view your cameras from anywhere at any time!

Experience It For Yourself

Watch the videos below to see just some of the many uses for IP cameras –