Provide A Secure Wireless Network Connection To Every Building On Your Premises With Quantum FSD

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Do you have multiple dwellings on your home or business premises?

Are you trying to get a secure wifi connection into each of these dwellings?

Is the wifi connection in your main dwelling too weak to reach the other dwellings?

Is running a cable between the dwellings an impractical solution?

Perhaps you’re experiencing frequent drop outs from your wifi network within a multi-floor dwelling?

Then look no further. Quantum FSD has the solution for you!

At Quantum FSD, we specialize in wireless communications. Using access point technology, we can relay a strong wireless connection from your existing network to each building on the premises! In some cases we can even relay a wireless connection over a distance of a few miles from your host network to a remote location (within a few miles of the source network).

The best part is…the connection relayed between locations is invisible to outside network devices, making your wireless connections 100% secure!

Quantum FSD is partnered and certified by Trango Systems…the best in the access point industry! With Trango Systems and professional installation by Quantum FSD, your connections will be reliable and secure.

What are you waiting for? Contact Quantum FSD to set up your access point installation today!