Intrusion Systems For Every Application

At Quantum FSD, security is our specialty. Our name even says it! Our award winning fully redundant UL listed central station monitors your alarm status and gets help to the scene when you need it. From small apartments to large multi-dwelling commercial facilities, we have the right system for your application. See for yourself!


Large-Scale Business Fire & Security Hybrid Systems by Bosch Security

  • Up to 32 virtual alarm panels
  • Up to 599 wired or wireless fire & intrusion points
  • Up to 2,000 user access codes, each with different permission levels and validity schedules
  • Keychain remote support
  • Up to 32 keypads
  • Choose from keypads ranging from simple pushbutton style to touch screen style with integrated RFID token reader
  • Support for land line, cellular, or IP/network communication
  • Access control facility supports up to 32 doors with their own dedicated token reader
  • Remote access via Bosch’s Remote Security Control smart phone app (Android & iOS)
  • Remote diagnostics, saving the end user a service call
  • Receive text and/or email notifications of alarm events

Our B9512G system from Bosch Security is our flagship system. It falls under the class of “hybrid systems”, bringing you both intrusion & fire protection in one master panel!

Have a large facility with multiple buildings? The B9512G brings a system that can be treated as up to 32 separate alarm systems (referred to as “areas”), each with their own dedicated keypad. If personnel in one building ends the work day before personnel in another building, they can lock up and arm their building at the end of their shift without arming the still working areas. Do the shop personnel arrive to work at an earlier time than the office personnel? The shop can be disarmed while the office and other areas remain armed until their personnel arrive. Even still, you can designate “fire only” areas with their own dedicated NFPA-certified keypad as well.

As if this isn’t enough, the B9512G also brings an access control facility to the table. With the integration of electromagnetic door locks and strikers, you can control and monitor personnel access for up to 32 doors, each with their own dedicated Weigand RFID card/token reader.

Along with these features comes Quantum’s professional installation, unparalleled tech support, and 24/7 monitoring provided by our award winning UL listed fully redundant central station, providing medical, fire, and police assistance when you need it.


Residential & Small Business Security Systems by Bosch Security

  • Monitor up to 48 wired or wireless points
  • Support for landline, cellular, and/or IP communication
  • Install up to 8 keypads
  • Integrate up to 4 IP cameras, viewable from your smart phone via Bosch’s Remote Security Control app
  • Arm & disarm your system from your smart phone via Bosch’s Remote Security Control app
  • Multiple user codes with each having its own permissions level
  • Receive email and/or text notifications of alarm events
  • Optional keychain remotes for arm & disarm
  • Choose from 4 different keypads ranging from basic to touch screen with integrated RFID token reader

Do you own a small business? Protect your valuables and assets with one of our small-business oriented security systems from Bosch Security! Designed for residential and small business applications, the Bosch B-series panels bring a host of features to the table.

Save money on service calls with Quantum FSD’s unparalleled remote access tech support! Having an issue with your alarm? Just give us a call! Most issues can be resolved over the phone, saving you a service call. Need a user code added or removed? You want the system to auto-arm at a certain time every day? Give us a call and we’ll make the change right over the phone!

The Bosch B-series panels have everything you need to protect your home or small business. Call us to set up your install today!