2GIG Go!Control – The Smart Phone of Security Systems

Security systems – once nothing more than a local noise maker, has evolved greatly over the years. Way back when, they use to just sound a local siren. The idea here was to attract attention to your home in the event of an intrusion and/or burglary in hopes that a bystander would notice it and notify the authorities. At some point, phone dialers were added to them, which could either contact the authorities directly or a central monitoring station that could notify the proper authorities in the event of an alarm.

Life has changed lots over the years though. Bystanders are more likely to turn a blind eye in the event of an alarm in fear of retaliation against them by the intruders. “Slam dunk” evidence against a criminal is now needed in order to get a conviction. Land phone lines are not only easy to compromise from the outside of the dwelling, but they are also quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Smart phones are all the rage along with lightning fast high speed internet. As common communications technologies have progressed though, so has security system technology.

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