A C10 Electrical Contractor You Can Count On

hiring-electrician-home-2 Electricalpanel

At Quantum FSD, we specialize in all things electrical. Be it a residential, commercial, or an industrial application, we have the knowledge and expertise to get your building wired correctly the first time.

We don’t just run the wire. We also have the tools and expertise to design & build the entire electrical infrastructure all the way down to bending the conduit ourselves on site. All of our electrical systems are built and wired in accordance with the latest National Electric Code (NEC) standards and are routinely inspected with the utmost scrutiny throughout the build process.

We specialize in the following systems –

  • 120/240VAC Residential Single Phase
  • 120/240VAC 3P 4-Wire Delta
  • 120/208VAC 3P Y
  • 277/480VAC 3P Y

Whether it be electrical troubleshooting, adding branch circuits, service panel upgrades, or a full ground up electrical system build, Quantum FSD is ready to provide for your electrical needs.

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